[Silesia] Hi, i am Paulo, a Portuguese guy in Katowice, and would like to check out the Hackerspace next Thursday

Paulo Neves ptsneves at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 09:50:50 UTC 2013

My name is Paulo and I am Portuguese. I am making making my master thesis
in Aeronautical Engineering in Portugal, but i am staying in Katowice for,
i expect, the whole year.

I don't know many Polish people besides my girlfriends' friends and would
like to meet with other people who like tinkering with computers and
mecatronics. I take myself as a polite guy and would also like to
contribute to any project the hackerspace might have. I also have some
projects of my own which i would not mind sharing.

Specifically i am on the process of implementing a platform of project
management around Redmine, a Ruby on Rails platform. I am not strong in
Ruby/Rails specifically but i handle myself in server administration and
infrastructure. The project management platform might even be useful for
the hackerspace, who knows :D

Below are also some other skills that may be relevant
* Linux /*nix administration
* Solidworks CAD modeling
* Eagle PCB designing
* AVR family microprocessors (including registers manipulations) C
* Basic electronics knowledge
* Knowledge in low level protocols (networking)
* Knowledge in aerodynamics and flight mechanics
* Pilot license (not valid now, have to renew it in September)

And i think the most important, i know how to learn if something else is

My polish is not strong, but at least orally i am getting there.
I would like to know if the meeting will happen in Thursday and if there is
any specific hour. I would also like to know on which IRC server is the
channel on.

Best Regards
Paulo Neves
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