[Silesia] Hi, i am Paulo, a Portuguese guy in Katowice, and would like to check out the Hackerspace next Thursday

FIlip Kłębczyk fklebczyk at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 10:33:23 UTC 2013

W dniu 16.07.2013 11:50, Paulo Neves pisze:
> My polish is not strong, but at least orally i am getting there.
> I would like to know if the meeting will happen in Thursday and if there
> is any specific hour. I would also like to know on which IRC server is
> the channel on.

Hi Paulo,

feel free to come and visit us. The place opens around 3 PM and I will 
be there for sure on Thursday at that time. Not knowing Polish well is 
not a problem at all - actually we all probably want to improve our 
English skills. The room number is 112 and it's on a second floor. Our 
IRC channel is #hackerspace-silesia

You can also check http://silesia.hackerspace.pl/ to see on map where 
the place is situated.

Best regards and see you on Thursday,

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